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Tiffin Motorhomes Tours



Tiffin Campground and Service Center

RVers who travel to Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, AL for service work have that work performed at Tiffin's new Service Center facility rather than at the actual production plant. This facility is located at the former Red Bay Airport, which is now owned by Tiffin Motorhomes. On this land a large, modern service facility as well as body shop section has been built. In addition a campground is provided with full hook ups for RVers who are having service work performed. However, the campground is not limited to Tiffin owners. If any RVer wants to visit Tiffin Motorhomes and tour the facilities they may stay at the campground. They do not have to own a Tiffin product. Many potential buyers who just want to check Tiffin Motorhomes out do make use of this campground. In addition many RVers who have placed an order for a Tiffin Motorhome stay here as well while they watch their new coach go through the assembly process.

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Campground Office and Parts Store

When arriving at the Tiffin campground you'll first check into the campground office, which is the well lit portion of the building on the right side of the photo. If you are arriving for a pre-scheduled service appointment the office personnel will advise you where you need to be and when in order to start your service work. If you are arriving unannounced it may take a while until they can fit you in but they will come to your site and advise you once an opening is available. There are three express bays that can handle short tasks fairly quickly so if your repair is minor you'll be able to get in fairly soon. The campground office contains a small lounge area as well as bathroom/shower facilities.

The portion of the building to the left is the parts store. This fully stocked campground store also serves as the parts store for Tiffin owners. Common parts are stocked in the store and anything that is not stocked can be brought over from the warehouse so this is the point of contact for any parts purchases for your Tiffin motorhome.



Service Center

The Tiffin Service Center is a large facility with close to 40 service and paint bays. Included within the service center is a nice customer lounge area as well as offices for the service department personnel. Tiffin's phone tech support staff is also housed in this building as is the parts warehouse. In addition to general service bays, there is a dedicated body shop area with high tech paint booths, a cabinet shop, welding shop, and other dedicated areas. Customers are not confined to the lounge area and can stay in their coaches while work is being performed or can walk around and ask questions of the service techs, tour the plant, etc. The only areas of the service center that are off-limits are the cabinet shop and welding bays, which are off-limits for customer safety reasons.



The Runway

Customer campsites are located along the edges of the runway. Full hookup sites provide water, sewer, and 50 amp electric service. During winter the water may be shut off at the sites but numerous freeze-proof spigots are located throughout the campground for RVers to fill their water tanks from. The sites are oriented facing the runway. Normally any service repairs are scheduled to begin at 7 AM sharp. Customers will be advised in advance to take their coach to a certain door number and wait for them to open it up. At about 6:40 the entire area sounds like an air strip full of World War II bombers as everyone fires up their engines, retracts slides, raises jacks, and gets ready for the mass migration of motorhomes as they travel the few hundred feet to the service center. Laugh After 7 AM the runway activity settles right down. For customers who drop off their coaches and leave, an additional parking area is provided at the south end of the runway. This area is also used for overflow parking during those times when the campground's 100 sites are full.


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