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Entegra Cornerstone 45K

Entegra Cornerstone


Entegra Coach has really been taking the market by storm since their beginnings in 2009. Taking the assets of Travel Supreme and molding that product into a great coach and backing it with excellent customer service has made it a real standout in the motorhome community and the backlog of sales orders reflects its popularity. Entegra takes things a bit farther than most and really sweats the details. The result is a coach that is built to last, has road manners and a quiet ride that puts it at the top of the food chain, and backs it with a 2 year bumper to bumper warranty. The Cornerstone is the top offering from Entegra Coach and features amenities and options that place it at the head of the class, and considering Entegra's line-up, that's an impressive classroom.

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Mark Quasius - "Cruzer"






Much of the general build design and features are the same as in the Anthem that I reviewed at This Link so be sure to check that out, but in the Cornerstone everything is bigger and better. It begins with the big boy of the motorhome chassis field, the Spartan K3. The K3 is equipped with a 15 liter Cummins ISX engine, cranking out 600 HP and 1,950 ft-lbs of torque coupled to an Allison 4000 series 6 speed automatic transmission. Suffice it to say that power was never a problem in the Cornerstone. With a 320" wheelbase and tag axle chassis the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) was 50,600 lbs. A towing capacity of 15,000 lbs plus a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 65,600 lbs will let you pull most anything this side of a bulldozer. A 3 stage engine compression brake assists the pneumatic disc brakes on all 6 wheels and automatic traction control helps you keep all that horsepower under control in wet conditions. 315/80R22.5 XZA series tires and independent front suspension provide for a smooth and stable ride. Like every Entegra model, the chassis is beefed up and strengthened for even greater rigidity. The result is that the suspension does the work rather than transmitting those twists, turns and shock loads to the coach body. The frame just doesn't twist and the Cornerstone handles nice and flat.

The coach is equipped with dual leveling systems. A Hadley air leveling system utilizes the coach's air ride suspension to level the coach when parked. Air leveling system have a certain amount of tolerance. For those times when the parking site is way out of level, a hydraulic jack system by Equalizer Systems can be used to level the coach. The jacks are dual acting so they will be powered up as well as down. This ensures a more positive retraction and faster cycle times when compared to HWH's spring retract single action jacks. A steel frame structure is welded to the chassis to provide support for the floor and sidewalls but Entegra takes it one step further and adds a 2x4 construction dual layer wood floor above that. This floor helps deaden road noise and vibration plus increases the insulation value to an amazing R-33 and also provides room for the hydronic heating loop for the heated floor.


Engine Compartment

Engine Compartment

That big 15 liter Cummins ISX in the Cornerstone's engine compartment is easy to access. All filters and fluid level indicators are within easy reach.


For detailed spec sheets on the Cornerstone chassis click on the following link;



Exterior View

Front View

This particular Cornerstone was painted in the Opulence Black Cherry paint scheme, which featured a 4 color design overlaying a metallic silver background. 5 coats of urethane clear with a total depth of 8-9 mils delivers an attractive, deep look to its finish. The deep windshield and roll-off dash afford excellent vision in tight maneuvers and the chrome mirrors are mounted down low so that you have a good angle of view and also can see over the top of them, eliminating any blind spots. Large mono-blade wiper blades are fitted to fully enclosed arms that also house the windshield washers and shield them from the sun's harmful UV rays. Powerful Xenon headlights provide excellent illumination when driving at night.


Basement Storage

Basement Storage

The basement storage space is easily accessed by tall side hinged cargo doors. A generous 20" of clearance between the basement floor and bottom of the frame rails gives plenty of clearance for tall objects or containers. Powered slideout trays made access to cargo as simple as pressing a rocker switch.


Side View - Slides Out

Slides Out

Entegra uses frameless flush mounted windows with crank out awning style lower inserts. This gives an attractive upscale look and also minimizes wind noise when traveling. Girard Nova series power patio awnings are built into the upper fascia for a streamlined appearance and are capable of kicking down when extended to afford greater protection from the sun in the patio area. A power entrance door awning as well as window awnings are also standard. The power entry steps are of the sliding style common to higher end coaches, rather than the swing out style. The entry door is very easy to open, without requiring a stiff tug on the handle. This is due to a pneumatic locking cylinder that pulls the door tight against the seal whenever the parking brake is released. as soon as the parking brake is applied, the pneumatic plunger releases to relieve tension on the door latch for ease in operation. A 32" LCD TV is also located behind a weatherproof panel in the patio side of the coach. A DVD player and speaker system completes this entertainment center that is perfect for outside entertaining.


Flush Slideouts

Slideout Details

The slideouts and entry door are flush when retracted to minimize wind noise. The paint stripes are continued around the edges of the slideouts to offer a flowing look to the decor.




Naturally, a coach of this caliber has an impressive list of utilities. The 50 amp shore power service is augmented by an Onan 12,500 watt Quiet Diesel generator. An Onan EC-30 automatic generator start module can be used to auto-start the generator should the battery voltage drop below a preset value or the air conditioning thermostat calls for cooling during times when no shore power is present. A pair of Magnum true sine wave inverters (2,800 watts and 2,000 watts) provides additional AC power for times when it's not necessary to run the generator. Air conditioning needs are met by three 15,000 BTU ducted rooftop units with heat pumps. Multiplex lighting controllers offer the ability to set personalized, dimmable lighting scenes and also control the power window shades.

Battery Tray

Battery Bank


12 volt coach needs are met by a bank of 8 AGM batteries, which are more than adequate to power the dual Magnum true sine wave inverters. A set of two battery mounting trays are mounted on slide rails to allow easy access.


Wet Bay

Water Service Bay


The coach's plumbing needs are placed in one convenient location. Electric dump valves for both the black and gray tanks are located here as well as the various water valves that operate the black tank flush and city water/tank fill valve. Switches for the water pump as well as a second tank level monitoring panel are also located here. A power hose reel is standard.


Aqua Hot

Aqua Hot system


Both interior heat and domestic hot water heat are provided by an Aqua Hot hydronic heating system. The boiler is located in a driver side basement compartment and can be heated by electricity or the diesel burner. In addition to the two interior zones, the Aqua Hot system also provides hydronic in-floor heating as well as basement heat to prevent any plumbing freeze-ups in cold weather.


Water Manifold

Water Manifold


A manifold system provides equal pressure to every plumbing fixture. It also allows shutoff of any specific fixture or line for any service or winterizing tasks.


Filter Service Center

Filter Service Center


A convenient service center is located at the right-rear corner of the coach. The four chassis batteries, ECM, diagnostic port and chassis battery cutoff switch are located here as well as the air dryer, fuel filters, and DEF tank.




Interior View

Coach Interior

The Cornerstone carries this detail into the interior as well. Typical Flexsteel furniture is replaced by premium Villa natural leather furniture. The woodwork is a great example of Amish craftsmanship and the fit and finish was nothing less than perfection throughout the coach. From the polished porcelain flooring to the padded vinyl ceiling, attention to detail was the order of the day.


Drivers Side Slideout

Couch and Dinette

The couch and dinette ensemble are a wrap-around design that ties the comfortable booth dinette in with the sleeper sofa. Two large drawers beneath the booths provide additional storage space.


TV Cabinet

TV Cabinet

A mid-ship entertainment center cabinet holds a 40" LCD TV, satellite receiver, DVD player and other entertainment gear. An electric fireplace adds a bit of ambiance and also provides for additional interior heat.



Galley Area - 45K

Entegra galley layouts vary from floorplan to floorplan but every galley area will have hardwood cabinets and Corian solid surface countertops with a porcelain tile backsplash. High end appliances and Price-Pfister faucets are used. The Fisher-Paykel dishwasher is trimmed with a custom made panel. A convenient pull-out work area adds additional space for food preparation and is located next to the Whirlpool residential refrigerator. This 21 cu ft unit features an an-door ice dispenser and filtered water dispenser and is powered through one of the two Magnum true sine wave inverters.


Silverware Drawer

Silverware Drawer

This silverware drawer is typical of Entegra cabinetry. Every drawer features heavy metal drawer slides and hardware. This particular silverware drawer featured a sliding top section that exposes additional storage beneath. The silverware tray can be removed by simply lifting it out.


Dishwasher Drawer

Dishwasher Drawer

Alongside the Fisher-Paykel dishwasher that is mounted beneath the galley is a large pull-out shelf unit with an integral wastebasket and holder.



Laundry Center

A stackable washer-dryer set is installed in a mid-ship hall cabinet location.


Guest Bath

Guest Bathroom

The mid-ship located guest bathroom is equipped with a Corian topped vanity and mirrored medicine cabinet and a raised porcelain stool.


Controls Cabinet

Electrical Controls

A mirrored cabinet mounted to the exterior wall in the guest bath contains various environmental controls as well a fuse panel for the various 12 volt circuits.


King Bed

King Bed

The bedroom's king bed holds a Select-Comfort air mattress and is flanked by solid surface nightstands. Multiplex lighting controllers are located on the wall and in the overhead cabinet to provide convenient access to lighting controls. The bedroom is separated from the rear bath and front hall and bath by sliding pocket doors that utilize pneumatic solenoids to lock in place whenever the parking brake is released to prevent slamming when traveling.


Bathroom Vanity

Rear Bathroom Vanity

The spacious rear bath layout places a vanity in the passenger side slideout. The mirror is attractively decorated but there are no hinged makeup wings nor is there a medicine cabinet. Raised vessel sinks and a Corian countertop complete the vanity.


Bathroom Shower

Rear Bath Shower

The driver side rear bath contains a circular shower surround with clear glass to accent the ceramic tile inside. A macerator style commode is mounted to the porcelain bath flooring. The rear of the bath gains access to the full width rear wardrobe.


45K Floorplan

45K Floorplan



The Cornerstone is Entegra's crowning achievement. Yet, like all Entegra Coachs, is being constantly refined and upgraded with new amenities and features. The actual coach that we road tested and reviewed had just come off the production line, yet new and upcoming improvements were already in the works. Therefore, don't take every detail and specification too literally. Check with Entegra Coach if you need detailed up to the minute information.

The Cornerstone really packs a lot of value when you look at competitive brands in this size range. You can spend more but in many cases you'll get less coach. When you really take a look at the details you'll find that Entegra offers things you won't be able to get in other coaches. You really need to test drive an Entegra to see the difference and I highly recommend you do that when comparing. You will find that Entegra is the quietest and smoothest riding coach. It also handles like a dream. Entegra's chassis stiffening really makes the suspension do the work rather than the frame and superstructure and less lean in corners. You'll find less road vibrations and noise transmitted to the coach, which is a result of a number of details that work together to achieve this goal. Backing it with a 2 year bumper to bumper warranty furthershows Entegra's commitment to servicing their customers as well as their faith in a quality built product.



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